Reviews: Bike Hacks,, WIRED Magazine Gadget Lab,, Bike Hugger and Bike Monkey magazine #7.

I enjoyed reading the one comment about mirrors not being ‘pro’…the existing mirrors out there are indeed ‘square’ both in shape and design. Your design and choice of materials seem to be hip not square. :).
Tom, St. Louis, MO

Thank you! …for the service, price, and by jolly just good work. The Messenger Mirror works. I wouldn’t be purchasing my 4th, if it didn’t.
Pedro, Zillah, WA

Thanks Bruce! I already have one and love it. This one is for my newly bike commuting wife and a spare for me. I wouldn’t want to ride without it!
Matt, San Francisco, CA

As a long-distance cyclist, I had been looking for the ideal (small) cycling mirror for a number of years. I found it in the Messenger Mirror.The mirror is well-designed, stays in place on my glasses and is easy to adjust.
Roger, Tucson, AZ

The best wearable mirror I have found is the Messenger Mirror, about which I have written previously. It is a winner in price, flexibility, size and practicality and now in customer service. The small mirror is attached to an irregular shaped rubbery pentagon which slides onto the temple piece. When one of the holes split because I had persistently pushed the piece too far onto the wide temple I contacted the manufacturer. I have purchased several Messenger Mirrors for personal use and to give to other riders because $5.99 and a shipping cost of $0.92 is . . . well . . . cool. Until the manufacturer/owner/salesperson . . . ok . . . until Bruce got back home I simply began using the backup I had purchased before setting off on my tour. A few days ago the part arrived. The part and note are shown below where he seems to suggest that I am doing him a favor! Now, I have another backup. Whata deal and whata guy. Thanks, Bruce! (from What’s Someone Your Age… blog)
Ed, Gainesville, FL

The mirror works perfectly! Thank you for providing a quality product at a great price.
Wade, St. Petersburg, FL

Christmas of 2009 I received my mirror and have used it regularly ever since. I love it. And it is VERY inexpensive; so inexpensive that my wife got two of them for me, one to keep as a spare. I have never had to use the spare. They are right when they say: Sometimes the simpelist solution is the best solution. (from Limited Warren T blog)
Warren, Overland Park, KS

I got my mirrors. They are fantastic / outrageous / and work perfect! Great idea! Better than anything else out there… Good for you! You got to get these on Amazon or someplace – you’ll sell a ton. I’m telling all my friends about them and will give them for Christmas and Birthday gifts.
Jon, Camano Island, WA

Works great. Will let cycling friends know about it.
Esther, Frisco, TX

I have given MMs to friends, but this order is for me in anticipation of my first touring adventure up the East Coast. The MM does what it is supposed to do and does it at a reasonable price. What more could someone living a bicycle lifestyle want? Thanks for making them so easily available.
Ed, Gainsville, FL

I just ordered two mirrors. I ordered two a few years ago and have been pleased with them. I keep one on my sun glasses and one on my clear (night) glasses. I like this arrangement. If I am riding when the sun sets, I just pull out my night glasses, with mirror already attached, and ride on without the fuss of switching lenses from day to night. I lost my sun glasses with the mirror attached the other day, thus the need for another mirror. At the price, why not order two. Incidentally, I ride with 10wheels (at / Fred G) who originally put me on to the Messengermirror. He likes his too.
Roy, League City, TX

I finally field tested the bicycle mirror. Well for starters it fit my glasses perfect. The fit was nice and snug. I started riding a little and stopping and started adjusting the mirror. And for about the first 15 minutes I thought I wouldn’t be able to get used to the small size of the mirror. But once I got used to it, to my surprise, I LOVED IT!!
The size of the mirror is perfect, and my eyes became trained exactly where to look. The mirror is light weight, small, yet it delivers. I give it 5 stars *****. Keep up the great job, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Chris, Poughkeepsie, NY

I have one of these [MessengerMirror], and I have to say I’m impressed by how well it works. Much easier to install than the Take A Look.
ItsJustAHill via

Your mirror has saved my life several times. I gave one to a close friend who always hated mirrors. She once said mirrors were not pro. Now she would not go anywhere without it. She is headed to CO for the big tour starting this weekend. She will be using the mirror. Maybe she will start a trend down here.
Mark, Lafayette, LA

I’ve had the MessengerMirrors for a few days now and have been able to use them a couple of times already. It was very easy to mount on my sunglasses and only took a few seconds to adjust the arm so the mirror was in a good location. I like the way the mirror swivels on the end of the arm. It makes it very easy to finely adjust the angle. As expected the mirror took some getting used to. But by my second bike ride using it I felt very comfortable with moving my head slightly to “scan” the road behind me. I was happily surprised that the mirror didn’t shake madly as I had feared. This is an excellent product that I will use often! You did a great job with the MessengerMirror and I will be spreading the word about them.
Ross, Mesa, AZ

I bought a couple of these (buying one for a friend was my motivation) several weeks ago. I received them promptly. Mounted toward the back of my earpiece it is unobtrusive but provides a reasonable field of vision and does not vibrate excessively. I had been using a larger rectangular mirror and put this one on to try it out. I haven’t changed back to the old one. Although cars don’t call attention to themselves in this smaller mirror like they do in the larger one, when I look I can see what’s back there. Well worth the money in my opinion.
cranky old road via

I received my mirror today. It is awesome. I just ordered another one because I like to have a back up. Plus I thought I better get another one before they really take off and you raise the prices. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Steve, Broomall, PA

I love this mirror! I rely on it, it works, I need one each for my clear / sun glasses, plus one to have on hand for a spare. The small angle this mirror subtends means less of my forward field of vision is blocked, making riding safer. It’s plenty large to see approaching vehicles, riders behind, and anything else of interest.
Michael – currently riding 600+ miles per month, Seattle WA

Hey – just wanted to let you know – used the mirror for the first time today and it’s great! So simple, yet worked great. I’ll definitely tell some of my buddies about it. Thanks again!
Tom, Charotte NC

I got my mirror and put in a couple of rides with it this weekend. It was pretty much ready to use right out of the (mail) box. Very light, very small, and very functional, I like it alot!

Way back when I started riding I used a similar product, a bigger square thing. I wasn’t sure if I wanted another one like that or a handlebar mounted mirror. I was searching the Bike Forums website when I ran across a post showing your mirror. From there I found your website and video demo.

For that fantastic price I ordered it right away, and I’m glad I did. I like that it’s small and non-distracting. It only took a few minutes to get used to it, and being mounted to my glasses I think I can scan a larger area behind me than I could with a fixed handlebar mounted mirror.

Good Job!
Rick, Wellsville UT

So inexpensive, so seemingly ‘it-just-works’ that I ordered one immediately. How often does that happen?
Chris, Plymouth NH

Just wanted to mention I like this product. I’ve taken it on a few rides and it’s been very stable and EZ to use. The mirror is just the right size to getting a quick glimpse of what’s coming up behind you. I feel mirrors are a requirement for any city/suburban riding.
Brian, Vancouver WA

I really like the messenger mirror! It took a few rides to get the fit dialed in, and to get use to how it works. I wear prescription glasses, and can’t afford to have a dedicated pair of cycling sunglasses, so I put it on and take it off my regular glasses each time. I thought that I would have to re-adjust the fit each time, but I slip it on, and it is set right where I have it adjusted for…..great product and super cheap price. You could get more for it! Thanks so much, and happy cycling,
Mario, Santa Rosa CA

Been using the mirror on several rides and it works very well. I was worried the small size would be a issue with my poor eyesight, but that has not been the case.
Dan, San Ramon CA

Got the mirror today. Awesome. I’m blind in my right eye and finding a mirror for my left eye that doesn’t block my vision excessively has been difficult, until now!
David, Fresno CA

I can’t remember where I first found out about your mirror, but I actually already purchased one sometime last year. At first, I didn’t really like it and couldn’t get it to work right. However, I gave it another shot a month or so later and slowly got it just right. Now, I have a hard time riding around without it on. So, this purchase today is to give as a gift to friend of mine who commutes without a mirror right now.
Ryan, Tucson AZ

The MM arrived today. So far, here’s what I love: 1. This thing is a sturdy! I was expecting it to be kind of flimsy, but the quality on it at first glance is great. 2. It was packaged and shipped perfectly.
Micah, Ann Arbor MI

Your design is so elegant due to it’s simplicity and hence it’s low price I just had to try it. Now I’m giving them as gifts to family members who ride.
Mitch, Corona CA